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3 Ways to Make Your Fall Wedding Stand Out

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As the cozy fall weather seeps in, signaling the end of summer, you may be prepping for the upcoming autumn wedding season. Fall wedding season ranges from mid-September to early November and with it comes cool weather, changing leaves, bright vibrant colors, and a cozy fall mood.

In order to help you finalize those last few details to make your fall wedding stand out, we’ll explore three exceptional ways to elevate your fall wedding, ensuring it pops with unforgettable charm and style.

So, if you’re ready to discover how to make your special day resonate with the beauty and spirit of autumn, read on.

Take Natures Lead

When decorating for a fall wedding, lean into the season in all aspects of your celebration. From centerpieces to cocktails, incorporate the seasons’ offerings such as produce and foliage for the perfect fall wedding decorations.

For example, including the seasons’ foliage, changing leaves, colors, and textures to create the centerpieces for your fall wedding. Line the table with a runner made from mini pumpkins that pair with your wedding theme colors. Or use a bouquet of thin wood branches and dried flowers as the perfect floral arrangement.

Create a seasonal cocktail that really embraces the fall produce. Think pumpkin spice, caramel apples, or anything your heart desires. You could even incorporate apple slices and caramel on the rim of your cocktail glasses.

Create a Cozy Fall Aesthetic

As the warm summer air turns to a crisp fall breeze creating the perfect opportunity to embrace fall’s cozy vibe, grasp the season’s intimate vibe in all aspects of your celebration.

Especially in evening fall weddings, it’s essential to keep your guests’ comfort in mind with fall nights being extra chilly. A few ways that you can create a cozy fall wedding while maintaining your guests’ comfort are to incorporate warm aspects into your decorations.

For example, throw cozy fall blankets over the backs of your guests’ chairs during the ceremony and through the reception. Continue the cozy feeling with candle lights mixed into every aspect of your wedding. This will capture the perfect warm fall ambiance.

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Embrace Soft Color Palettes

Fall colors are sure to be spilling all over the landscape of your wedding destination, so let them shine in your wedding by keeping your decorations simple.

Experiment with different muted, rustic fall wedding colors paired with wood and copper accents. Seat your guests in rustic wood chairs and tables decorated with soft understated colors such as a soft grey or light beige. Pair this with burnt orange, dark red, and green fall wedding table decorations.

For more guidance on wedding color palettes, read our blog 5 Fall Wedding Color Trends. Remember, less is more when it comes to fall décor, embrace the outdoor fall beauty by keeping your décor simple.

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