5 Reasons to Have A Country Club Wedding - Springfield Country Club

When planning your wedding, deciding where to have your ceremony and reception is a big decision. Few venues can take more off your wedding planning to-do list than a country club. Luxurious, convenient, and usually less expensive than you think, it is clear to see why country club weddings have been growing in popularity. Here are our top 5 reasons to have a country club wedding:

1. Outdoor and Indoor Ceremony Options

Known for their lush landscapes and stunning interiors, country club weddings are great for couples looking for breathtaking photos they’ll cherish for a lifetime. As a wedding venue, country clubs offer a variety of ceremony and reception spaces that can accommodate any guest list ranging from micro wedding to a grand affair. These often highly customizable options can offer engaged couples added peace of mind in extreme weather situations by transitioning outdoor events to indoors.

Just married couple walking down aisle after an outdoor ceremony.

2. Onsite Amenities

An unforgettable weekend for you and your guests awaits when you plan a country club wedding. Country clubs can bring together the best leisure activities in one setting giving couples more opportunities to create a unique and meaningful experience. The convenience and one-stop-shop nature lead to less stress with vendors and logistics, allowing everyone a little more freedom to enjoy the moment.

Outside view of on site amenities by Ryan Eda Photography.

3. Experienced Staff

A lot goes into planning a wedding, and the right professionals can make the process smoother and even enjoyable. Country clubs have knowledgeable and responsive event and culinary teams who have planned and executed countless events and have had years of experience to refine their craft. On your wedding day, you deserve a team by your side ready, willing, able and excited to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Executive Vice President Nancy Steinmetz and General Manager Dennis Ciciretti are heads of the experienced staff at Springfield Country Club. Photo by Duca Studio.

4. In House Catering and Bar Service

When it comes to weddings, everyone talks about the pictures and the food. Country club weddings provide the best of both scenic photo opportunities and delicious cuisine. These venues offer experienced in-house chef-led teams providing an unrivaled culinary experience with tastings, customizable menus, and excellent service.

Springfield Country Club's in house catering placing grilled scallops on a plate. Photo By Krista Patton Photography

5. Privacy

Country club weddings allow couples and their guests to enjoy a sense of exclusivity without the hefty price tag. Country clubs know how to host more than one event at a time without sacrificing service or security, so even though you may not have the entire venue to yourself, it will certainly seem like you do. Relish in moments big and small throughout your big day without worry.

Bride and Groom having a private moment in each other's arms.

We hope our list helps you find the right venue for your big day. Contact us to find out more reasons to have a country club wedding. Our sales and events team would love to hear from you!

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