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6 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue

6 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue.

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Planning a wedding is by far one of the most exciting (yet stressful) parts of tying the knot. But don’t worry – we are here to help! When it comes to finding your ideal wedding venue.

Here Are A Few Tips You Can Refer to In Your Search:


Setting a realistic budget is a foundational step in the wedding planning process. A well-defined budget can serve as a roadmap for decision-making and ensuring each aspect of your special day is accounted for. Start by breaking down your budget for each category:

  • Venue
  • Décor
  • Apparel
  • Stationary
  • Florals
  • Photography
  • Food / Wedding Cake
  • Gifts and favors.

After deciding your budget for each category, it will then help you determine how much you are willing to allocate to your desired venue location. This will also help to narrow down your options and prevent any further financial stress later on.

6 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue.

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Now… close your eyes and envision the big day. What aspects of your picture-perfect venue stand out to you the most?

Do you picture an open landscape with rolling hills? Or a glamorous ballroom with glitzy chandeliers, cloud fog machines, and black-tie attire? Or what about a beautiful bohemian garden ceremony?

Whatever it is that you envision, take note of what features your dream venue has, and from there, make a list of your wants and needs to add to your venue criteria.


When picking a venue location, it is vital to pick one that fits your overall aesthetic. In other words, if you are going for a more rustic aesthetic with an autumn color palette, it wouldn’t make sense to hold your wedding on a beach; rather you should focus primarily on venues that offer outdoor spaces with beautiful views of changing leaves.

Keeping your venue’s aesthetic and theme cohesive is essential!

6 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue.

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With every venue comes a capacity limit, and these limits can make or break your dream venue destination. “Best For Bride” recommends when planning for your special event, you’ll want to share it with the people closest to you and your partner; therefore, inviting every person you know may be impractical. With that being said, plan according to your headcount – you don’t want your venue to feel too cramped or too empty based on a lack of planning! Additionally, be sure to note if any individuals require any extra accommodation.

You may need to ask yourself questions such as:

“Does this venue have wheelchair accessibility”?

“Is there transportation available for guests”? OR

“Is the venue easily accessible to attendees or do they need specific instructions on how to get there”?

When planning, consider every aspect that will make attending your wedding enjoyable for all of your guests.


It’s also important to keep in mind what packages your venue may (or may not) offer. Make an effort to ask copious questions about what each venue offers in their wedding packages. For example, some venues may provide decorations, bar access, catering, and other services that can save you time and money. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to budgeting and being able to spend more time on other details of the big day.


When making a final decision, be sure to read multiple online reviews and ask family and friends for any possible recommendations. You may learn a thing or two from the people around you and possibly even save yourself from a wedding day disaster!

Taking the time to visit your venue options is also important. Seeing your possible venue in person allows you to get a different perspective of the space and gives you a better idea and vision of what your wedding day would look like!

Remember, this is YOUR DAY, and finding the perfect wedding venue is about finding a place that suits your style, budget, and your guest’s needs.

Trust your gut and enjoy the process!

At Springfield Country Club we make the planning process easy from start to finish. Contact our excellent event team to schedule a tour of the venue today!

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