Dance Floor Drama and Moody Florals - Springfield Country Club

Bring on the Drama!

Dramatic dance floors along with moody florals showcasing darker color palettes are not only trendy but also quite tremendous – making for breathtaking photo opportunities and creating the backdrop for a truly unique and memorable affair.

Dance Floor Drama
The dance floor is not just the center of the room, it’s where so much of an event’s time is spent, whether during your first dance with your new husband or wife, or while you’re up and moving to the music with friends. Adding some drama to the dance floor is a great way to elevate the overall aesthetic of an event and complement the theme and tone.

Our favorite dramatic dance floors at Springfield Country Club have recently included white vinyl appliques, fog machines and elegant personalized logos.

Dark and Dreamy Florals
Deep, dark shades of purples, reds and pinks are showing up more and more in floral arrangements and decor, enhancing the drama in a wonderful way! These moody tones pair so well against the lighter color palette and soft metallic accents of our ballrooms, creating an enchanting and romantic atmosphere that’s truly magical.

Literally dancing on a cloud – this gorgeous couple’s first dance on a floating dance floor was truly magical
Photo Credit: Lightyear Studio

The dramatic height and rich moody tones of these centerpieces are breathtaking
Photo Credit: JPG Photography

White vinyl appliques and floating floral walls added new dimension and drama to the Grand Ballroom

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