Don't Forget The Wedding Gifts

Don’t Forget The Wedding Gifts

Even with a professional guiding you, wedding planning requires an intense attention to detail, masterful organization and lots of help. But, one thing we don’t recommend delegating out to others is your wedding registry. Trusting someone to create floral arrangements isn’t quite the same as letting someone select wedding gifts on your behalf.

There are so many options for building and listing your registry these days. Is a one stop shop department store best or is collecting many vendors into one online location the easiest option for your guests? Research different stores you love and online platforms to find the perfect fit. Whichever option you chose, you can refer to the tips below to help guide you through the registry creation / selection process.


One area you can always use an upgrade or fresh items for is your linen closet. Sure, towels can last years and you have some that are still in good shape, but why not start your life together with plush new additions? Don’t just save the fancy towels for guests, enjoy your brand new sheets and towels every day.

Servingware and Bakeware

Registries are the perfect opportunity to find the entertaining, cooking and baking items that you’ve always wanted for your home. Take into account how often you entertain and what events you host to help you decide what to include in your registry. Classic pieces that work year-round would be best if you have friends and family stopping by often. But if the occasional holiday is more your style look for special or seasonal pieces. With that said, if you entertain once a decade or have been known to start small kitchen fires when attempting to bake, feel free to skip over this area and focus your attention and registry space elsewhere! It’s your list and your home, if you won’t use it don’t feel pressured to think you should have it.


Once considered a unique registry item, furniture is becoming a more popular item to include as many couples have already lived together and purchased traditional home goods. Building a home together is more than pots and pans. Make sure to include decor, accents and even larger pieces that people can contribute towards together as a group gift.  If you have a guest room to furnish, or you’re wanting to refresh your master bedroom with a brand new mattress to match your new life, add them!

Honeymoon / House Fund

Funds are another registry option rising in popularity. Still renting or in an apartment? Finding storage for housewares might not feasible. But having some extra funds to put towards a down payment for a house might be a more practical alternative. A honeymoon fund is another great option that’s also popular with guests.


If you are fortunate enough to have an established home, consider giving back instead of doing a traditional registry. You could include donations to various charities in the mix along with other more traditional registry items. Or have a donation as the only gift option.  Collect a cash gift through a fundraising platform to distribute yourself or use a charitable wedding registry site. Either way makes it easy for guests to feel like they’re a part of your new life together while giving back to worthy causes that are close to your hearts. 

During the wedding planning process, take some time and think about what wedding gifts would mean the most to you as you start your new life together. Put some thought into it, involve your significant other in the process, and, most importantly, have fun!

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