Your Dream Wedding Look Beauty Countdown

Your Dream Wedding Look Beauty Countdown

Created by the best of the best at Joseph Anthony  Retreat Spa and Salon, located onsite at Springfield Country Club

Planning a dream wedding takes a lot of work, – from finding your venue to dress shopping to tasting a million cakes until you find the perfect one. It’s no different to achieve your dream wedding look. Our friends at Joseph Anthony are there to assist you during every step of the way with a team of talented stylists, estheticians and massage therapists. So you will be able to literally sit back, relax and enjoy your experience.

6 Months Before the Big Day:

  • Decide on your cut & color – this not the time to make an impulsive change with either the cut or color of your hair. Rather, incorporate deep conditioning masks to help the health of your hair and schedule cuts & colors every 4-6 weeks.
  • Work towards #browgoals begin regularly maintaining your eyebrows with professional waxing or tweezing. This is a great time to ask your esthetician if tinting is a service that may help perfect your wedding look.
  • Receive a facial & start a skincare regimen – book a facial service at Joseph Anthony and speak to your esthetician about what regimen is best suited for your skin type. Depending on your skin, you might be recommended for a HydraFacial or microdermabrasion treatment.
  • Build a relationship with your stylist – this is the most important part of your wedding beauty journey. Having a relationship with your stylist will help ensure you feel comfortable describing your dream look, and knowing that everyone is on the same page to make sure you achieve it!

dream wedding look beauty countdown three months (Photo Credit: Annie Hosfeld Photography)

3 Months Before the Big Day:

  • Book your hair & makeup trial – PRO TIP: make these appointments for the same day, that way you can see how the entire look works together! Make sure you arrive to your trial with pictures of your dress, accessories, veil and even a swatch of the fabric of your dress if you have one. Also, come prepared with as many Pinterest pins as possible! That way our stylist can work with you to see which look will be best suited for you. This is even the time to discuss with your stylist if you need extensions.
  • Receive a mani/pedi – then continue receiving them regularly (once a week for fingers and once every three weeks for toes). This will whip your nails into shape so your nails will be perfectly manicured on your wedding day.
  • Continue to groom your brows – the only way to make sure your eyebrows look great on your big day is to regularly have them tweezed and waxed.
  • Get glowing skin – continue with facials once a month to have your skin looking flawless!
  • Schedule a butter crème soft pack float – to have your skin looking smooth and refreshed, receive this treatment once a month leading up to your big day!

1 Month Before the Big Day:

  • Schedule a Couple’s Massage – spend some quality time with your SO and de-stress from the dream wedding planning during an intimate couple’s massage.
  • Book a Spray Tan – if you’re even contemplating getting a spray tan for your wedding day, now is the time to schedule a trial tan. This way, you make sure you like the color of the tan and the technician. If you’re a fan, plan on getting your next tan two days before your wedding date.
  • Continue with your beauty regiment – that means keep receiving regular facials, soft pack floats, brow maintenance, manicures and hair trims and touch ups.

2 Weeks Before the Big Day:

  • Receive your final facial – after this, simply continue with your normal skincare regimen to maintain your glowing skin!
  • Plan your final cut & color – receive one last trim and color touch up so your hair is fresh and healthy to be styled for your bridal hairstyle.

3 Days Before the Big Day:

  • Schedule your waxing treatments – this way your skin isn’t irritated on your wedding day.
  • Relax with a massage – this is a great opportunity to take a little “me time” and get your mind ready to enjoy your wedding day.

2 Days Before the Big Day:

  • Get your spray tan & scrub– if you’re planning on receiving a spray tan, make sure you do it two days prior to your wedding day that way your tan has settled and is glowing!
  • Manicure your nails – book your final manicure and pedicure before the wedding. Your final mani/pedi is perfect to-do with your bridal party.

1 Day Before the Big Day:

  • Wash & style – make sure you go super light on conditioner. Then, don’t wash your hair again until you see your stylist on your wedding day!

This may seem like an overwhelming to-do list to get that dream wedding look, but don’t worry! That’s what the Joseph Anthony family does best. With an amazing site on the grounds of Springfield Country Club and two other locations nearby, they are available to walk you through every step of your beauty countdown to make sure you look your most beautiful on your biggest day. Contact them today to learn more!  


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