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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Engagement Season! Here’s how to prepare the perfect proposal:

Box with engagement rings and scrabble letters spelling "love", with fall flowers in the background representing engagement season. Photographed by Claire Pruett.

Photographed by: Claire Pruett

Forever has a nice ring to it, especially this time of year! From Thanksgiving in late November up through Valentine’s Day in February, nearly 40 percent of marriage proposals take place. The holiday cheer and merry celebrations set the scene for an amazing proposal. If you or your sweetheart are planning to put a ring on it this engagement season, you’ll want to be prepared. We’ve got you covered with some tips to prep for the big moment.

Inquire About the Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! The ring, and of course the emotion behind it, is a display of how much you love your partner. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the countless shapes, cuts, and styles. One of the best ways to learn what type of ring (classic or trending?) your significant other wants is by checking out their Pinterest board. Browsing and pinning not only gives you or your partner an idea about what type of ring they envision, it helps the them to determine what they like and don’t like. If you or your partner are not Pinterest savvy (no worries!), feel free reach out to family and friends. Chances are your partner shared a hint or two of ring inspiration. If you are utilizing a family heirloom, consider sizing, the integrity of the ring, or repurposing the stones.

Engagement rings in a blue box circled with a diamond bracelet on white background. Photographed by Caroling MacDonald Photography.

The Perfect Proposal Location *Does* Exist

Here are some great options to consider for proposal locations:

Where you first met: This is one of the most romantic places to propose because it brings your relationship full circle. Celebrate your love story by incorporating the place where your two worlds collided. Use details from that day initial day to reimagine your first memories, whether it be at the high school you both attended, a coffee shop, or at a gathering with friends.

Where you first said “I love you”: Whether planned or not, this is a moment that will be cherished and marks a new beginning. Remembering intimate details about your first “I love you” will show them just how much you care.

Where you picture a romantic setting: This is unique to every couple and can be personal. If you both love to travel, you can get creative with finding destinations that match your styles. If you recently purchased a home together, you can prepare a romantic dinner with candles and roses to propose in your home. If you are fur parents together, you can tie the ring to the dog’s collar to include everyone in your little family!

Where your significant other grew up: Choose a place that has heartfelt meaning, such as a childhood home or small town that carries lots of memories. While you may not have a role in this phase of their life, it shows you support all of who they are and the elements that have shaped them into the person they have become.

Engagement rings in a blue box circled with a diamond bracelet on white background. Photographed by Caroling MacDonald Photography.

Photographed by: Amy Cerrato


Have a hidden professional photographer on board to capture your authentic and blissful reactions without any distractions. Fully live in the moment without worrying about not being able to look back on it and embrace each other’s passionate reactions.


Getting engaged is a huge milestone in life, so a post-proposal photoshoot should capture that thrilling feeling. Document this time by taking a series of professional pictures that you can enjoy years from now and share with loved ones. Who knows, the pictures could be used to announce your engagement or send with your save-the-date!

Engagement rings, planner, announcements, shoes, and flowers. Photographed by Chesapeake Charm Photography.


Whether it’s the actual proposal, behind-the-scenes, a plan to get nails done (a must!), or get the ring size, enlist in family and friends to help. You can even surprise your partner by having them pop out after you two have your moment together so you can celebrate.

Ready to start planning your proposal or engagement party? Our La Vista room is the perfect place to celebrate! Contact us today for more information, our incredible event staff is dedicated to flawless execution!

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