5 Affordable Bridal Shower Ideas

5 Affordable Bridal Shower Ideas

Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, but it can also be expensive. Did you know that bridesmaids spend an average of $1,695 to participate in a wedding? $400 of that is spent on the bridal shower alone. Now, you obviously want to go all out and show your best friend (A.K.A. the bride-to-be) a time she’ll never forget, but you also don’t want to go into debt just to be in the wedding. Thankfully, it is possible to throw such an event with your wallet in mind. Here are five affordable bridal shower ideas to show you how.

1) Split Up the Financial Duties

No bridesmaid should ever have to face the full financial brunt of hosting the bridal shower alone. Try to work out an even (or mostly even) contribution amount among the other bridesmaids. This will also help you establish a budget and give a better indication of how frugally you’ll have to plan going forward. Despite your best intentions, it might be necessary to use some of your savings for the party and wedding expenses to come. If that becomes the case, learn how you can grow your savings online or utilize banking apps that can help you do it in a pinch. With the right tools and a knack for planning, you’ll be a bridal shower expert in no time!

2) Consider the Cheapest Ways to Travel

Whether you’re driving hundreds of miles or booking a flight, traveling can be downright expensive nowadays. If you’re a bridesmaid who will be making a commute, compare the cost of gas traveling to and from the location against the price of airfare. If you happen to be traveling with a fellow bridesmaid or significant other, it’s probably a good idea to carpool. Who doesn’t love a good road trip anyway?

3) Send out Free Invitations or DIY

Gone are the days where sending invitations by post was the only way to inform guests about your party. Enter: the digital era. Now, you can send online invitations by email or text message via evites or through a social media platform like Facebook. Have a relative who isn’t as acquainted with the internet? Most card stores sell blank party invitations that you can purchase for cheap, while adding a personal touch. If you’re a creative, you could even make them yourself. This is an easy way to save over a hundred dollars!

4) Don’t Spend a Fortune on Favors

While favors are a great way of letting your guests know you appreciate them coming out to celebrate your momentous occasion, you’d be surprised at how quickly they can rack up costs. It’s also true that—at the end of the night—many of your guests will end up forgetting to take them home. So, don’t feel like you have to shell out hundreds as a way of saying ‘thank you.’ You can easily show your gratitude by offering some affordable, DIY favors.

5) Get Creative with Decor

Let’s face it. We all want a bridal shower capable of blowing up everyone’s Instagram feed, and extravagant decor certainly sets the right tone. But that doesn’t mean you have to get in touch with Kim Kardashian’s wedding planner to pull off an amazing event. In fact, you’ll find that the right venue can provide the perfect built-in backdrop for your bridal shower festivities. Compliment it with the right assortment of affordable bridal shower decorations and you’re sure to dazzle your guests and social media alike!

We hope you enjoyed these tips for how to throw an affordable bridal shower! After all, being part of a wedding should be fun and memorable – not something that brings on unnecessary stress.  So spend wisely and savor the sweet memories that you’re about to make!

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