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Future grooms, this one’s for you! We have put together a guide to help you find the right wedding attire so you’re confident and camera-ready on your big day.

Now that you have popped the most important question, it’s time to think about what you’re going to wear. Planning a wedding involves many details; from the food, to the venue, to the fashion. The bride is not the only one that needs try-ons and alterations. So, let’s get started to help the groom have his “Say Yes” moment.

When selection the right wedding attire there are a few things to consider… Style, Season, Accessories.


First step of the process is deciding the formality of your event. Your wedding day attire should reflect the aesthetic of your venue but also portray your personality and individual style.


The most popular and traditional style is formal. If you are planning a black-tie, lavish ceremony, you should be looking at classic tuxedos. The tuxedo is timeless and sharp, with plenty of opportunity to add personal touches. Typically, they are worn with a white dress shirt and black bow-tie, but you can definitely spice it up with some color or ornate patterns to make it feel more contemporary.

Groomsmen toasting. Photo by JPG Photography/

(Photo Credit JPG Photography)

Another great option for formal events is a three-piece suit. The best part about the three piece suit is its versatility. Adding the vest layer creates an old-style feel and an elevated look. If the weather gets warm or your dance moves require more mobility, you can remove the jacket and still have a stylish, formal, ensemble.


A semi-formal wedding usually leaves the dress code open for interpretation. For those who want to look nice without feeling too fancy, you can’t go wrong with a trendy two-piece suit. They can be dressed up or down, simple or busy, the choice is yours! This style looks great in a wide range of colors. This outfit also puts the spotlight on the tie; choose a snazzy bowtie or stick to the signature necktie to complete the look.

Had something more relaxed in mind? Wearing a vest and dress shirt without the jacket has been very popular, especially for outdoor weddings. Most commonly seen in light neutrals like grays and tans, but a wonderful chance for a pop of color in the tie or boutonniere.

Groomsmen walking down a golf course path with the groom. Photo by DMP Family Life

(Photo Credit: DMP Family Life)


If traditional suits are not for you, don’t panic! There are still stylish, wedding-appropriate outfits that do not require layers and ties. Summer suits are a great option for casual weddings. The light and breathable fabrics make it easy to stay comfortable in all types of environments. If a jacket is still too much for your taste and venue, you can have a polished look with just matching dress shirts and pants for you and your groomsmen.


Already have the perfect date in mind? Knowing the season helps narrow down your choices of picking the ideal wedding look.


Warm weather calls for bright colors and breathable fabrics. Grooms and groomsmen commonly wear cotton or linen during the hotter months of the wedding season to stay cool while looking sophisticated. If you want to switch it up from off-whites and tans, consider a seersucker or soft blue jacket. Chances are you will be looking at the semi-formal and casual dress code styles based on the weather and your venue.


One advantage of an autumn inspired wedding means that the crisp weather is excellent for layering. Fall and winter suits are mostly made of wool and thicker materials that you can incorporate patterns into easily. Plaid and paisley suit jackets have been a hit recently and can be worn in various shades like navy, black, and forest green.

Groom in green suit with bride standing behind him. Photo by Olga Hinchman Photography

(Photo Credit: Olga Hinchman Photography)


The best way to let your personality shine through on the big day is to accentuate with personal details! There is no gesture too small when it comes to adding your unique features to your outfit.


The best way to let your personality shine through on the big day is to accentuate with personal details! There is no gesture too small when it comes to adding your unique features to your outfit.

Pocket Squares/Ties

A very tasteful approach to decorating your ensemble is to play up the tie or pocket square. Color, patterns, brands, sports teams, whatever it may be that is special to you, can add a lovely accent to your attire.

Groom with Grey suit, blue tie, boutineer and blue handkerchief.  Photo by Artistic Imagery

(Photo Credit: Artistic Imagery)


Looking to add some bling? Cufflinks are a timeless addition to any choice and are made from a wide range of materials. Choose from precious metals and diamond studs or leather and stone for a more rustic touch. Cufflinks are also easy to customize, by adding a monogram or choosing your birthstone, can help make your outfit feel more special.

A collection of cuff links, watch, socks and handkerchief on a blue background.  Photo by Alexa Nahas Photography

(Photo Credit: Alexa Nahas Photography)


Another fun way to emulate your style is wearing funky socks or color-popping shoes. Maybe you have a favorite sports team or want to represent your alma mater on your big day, finding socks to make that statement is a great idea!

Socks with collie and paw prints on it sitting next to a bottle of cologne.   Photo by Maria J Photography

(Photo Credit: Maria J Photography)

As a groom, deciding what you want to wear on your wedding day should not be a stressful process. Refer to our guide and have fun with it. Then think about where you are going to be, what you are going to be doing, and do not forget to accessorize with your personality! Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas and inspiration and check out our preferred vendors list for our recommendations for where to shop.

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