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The signature wedding cocktail is not a new trend, but it is always a fun detail to show off your uniqueness as a couple. According to Zola, 85% of couples plan to offer a signature cocktail at their wedding. But how can you craft the perfect wedding signature cocktail for your big day?

Ask yourself:

  • Why is this drink important to you?
  • Will your guests know the relevance of your drink?
  • Would your guests order this drink?
  • Can it be prepared as a batch and made to fit your budget?

A signature drink or drinks can keep guests cool and refreshed while cutting down on lines at the bar. It is also an opportunity to bond as a couple during the wedding planning process. Go over the moments and interests that make your love epic. Taste test cocktail recipes while trying to come up with funny names for them. Crafting a signature wedding cocktail is a chance to leave the self-serious aspects of wedding planning behind and have fun.

Tips for a successful signature cocktail:

  • Modify a classic with a creative twist
  • When possible use local/regional spirits
  • Keep the ingredients seasonal
  • Be mindful of the glassware you’ll be using
  • List the ingredients on signage for guests
  • Consider using it as a nonalcoholic option for guests

We hope we’ve left you inspired. We’ve also include a few recipes below borrowed from some of our newlywed clients. Contact us to learn how our culinary team can help you craft a wedding signature cocktail. Our sales and events team would love to hear from you!


Blushing Bride Bellini Recipe

4 oz Prosecco
½ oz Peach Liqueur
½ oz Strawberry Puree
Garnish with Fresh Strawberry
Served in a champagne flute

– Colorful Variations… swap out the strawberry puree with Midori liqueur for a green colored drink, use Chambord for a more red color, or try Blue Curaçao to complement a blue color scheme!

Blushing Bride Bellini drink.

Grinning Groom Recipe

2 oz whiskey or bourbon
½ oz ginger syrup
1.5 oz club soda
Fresh blackberries and strawberries
Garnish with an orange wheel
Served over ice in a rocks glass

Grinning Groom drink.

For more wedding signature cocktail inspiration, take a look at the drink menu at our on-site restaurant Tavola, featuring innovative recipes made with seasonal ingredients.

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