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How to Host the Best Outdoor Summer Wedding

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Summer is here, and with it comes summer weddings! Everyone loves an outdoor summer wedding.

A Summer wedding evokes the perfect warm weather, beautiful photos, and a memorable time. These are all elements of a great celebration. The summer weather can be unpredictable. When planning a wedding, it’s important to prepare for both hot and rainy days.

In order to prepare yourself, your guests, and your catering teams for unexpected or inclement weather, it is important to keep a few things in mind and to take proper precautions so that when that inclement weather hits, you are cool, calm and prepared! Don’t let the weather catch you off guard and ruin your day, follow these few steps to have the best outdoor wedding regardless of the weather.

Inform Guests that the Wedding is Outdoors

Step one when planning an outdoor wedding is to inform your guests that the wedding is outdoors. This allows guests to plan ahead and think about smaller details in their outfits. If the weather is looking super-hot, they should shoot for breathable, light clothing that allows them to stay cool. If the weather is calling for rain, they can be prepared with a jacket or an umbrella.

If the weather on your special day is looking like it is going to be hot, you can encourage guests to wear alternative fabrics and styles to help them stay cool during the outdoor ceremony. For example, a sun dress instead of a heavy gown, or khakis instead of suit pants.

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Provide Shaded Areas and Ways to Cool Down

If you know that the time of year typically comes with uncomfortably hot weather, like July or August, it is important to think about spots where guests can go to cool down.

Perhaps there’s a naturally shaded area at your venue, like under a cluster of trees. If there’s not, consider renting a tent or shooting for a venue where guests can cool down indoors so that they aren’t uncomfortable. Here at the Springfield Country Club, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for you and your guests to enjoy while celebrating your wedding day!

Along with this, you can plan to have some fun party gifts that aid your wedding guests in staying cool. For instance, you can provide guests with small handheld fans so that they can cool themselves. These can be as simple, like a handheld paper fan, or as exciting, like an electric fan, as you’d like!

Another important tip for hot summer days is to provide guests with tons of ice water so that they can stay hydrated through the heat. It is important for your guest’s safety to remember to hydrate, so make sure that there is plenty of water available. To spice up the water station, you can provide sparkling water in fancy cups, or slices of lemons, limes, and oranges for an even more refreshing and summery touch.

Have a Rain Plan B

For those rainy summer days that sneak into the forecast, it is necessary to have a rain plan B in place.

Talk to your venue hosts and see what they can offer you and your guests on a rainy day. They may be able to change your wedding to an indoor affair if they see rain in the forecast, or they may have tents available for you and your guests.

A fun way to spice up a rainy wedding day is to provide custom umbrellas for your guests to use to shield some rain from ruining their hair or provide custom rain ponchos so that your guests can still enjoy the outdoors. This way, guests have a fun party gift to remember your special day by.

The rain doesn’t have to put a damper on your wedding day, embrace it and make it fun. Encourage your guests to dance in the rain with you and your new spouse!

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Outdoor weddings are a beautiful affair, especially at the beginning of summer as the weather warms up and everyone is ready to spend their time outside. Don’t let the unexpected weather stress you out as your big day approaches.

Looking to plan an outdoor wedding? Check out our outdoor wedding venue spaces available here at the Springfield Country Club!

Need help withyour Outdoor Summmer Wedding? Our team at the Springfield Country Club is happy to talk it through with you.

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