Wedding Inspiration - Five Ways to Include Dad in Wedding Planning


Hubby-to-be, check. Fabulous wedding dress, check. Pre-wedding daddy-daughter bonding, TBD until you finish this blog post…

When it comes to daddy-daughter wedding moments everyone thinks of the precious walk down the aisle or the sentimental father-daughter dance but those aren’t your only options to share this special occasion with dad. Here are some opportunities to make some special moments along the way to keep your bond tight.

1) Nurture the papa bear instinct. Dads are protective. Tap into that energy by going over your vendor choices with dad. He’ll go through reviews and pour over contracts to make sure his baby girl is taken care of. Making dad your right hand man on this will allow you to spend more time together and help to set both of your minds at ease about those pesky vendor details.

2) Crown your Craft King. Not to typecast dad but he has built a pretty good resume of projects over the years. A special memento is born when your vision meets his skill. For example let dad create rustic signage, ring holders or alter arches. Bonus points if you can fit in a few hardware store runs together before your big day.

Rustic Wedding Decor

Rustic Wedding Decor presents a great craft opportunity for dad to show off his skills (Photo Credit: Matt Gruber Photography)

3) Buckle up for a “daddy’s girl” day. A throwback to weekends spent with dad. Pick a day and do something you both enjoy but haven’t done in awhile. It’s a chance for you to step back from all-encompassing wedding planning mode and to remind him that yours is a bond that is everlasting.

4) Lean into the heavy. This is a big moment, his baby girl is getting married! He has dreaded and looked forward to this moment for a long time. Help dad channel his feelings by allowing him to select readings or prayers to mark the milestone. This takes one more thing off your checklist and gives dad the opportunity to find the right words to capture his feelings. All aboard, heartfelt station!

Father of the Bride Speech

Dad’s give the best speeches (Photo credit: Duca Studio)

5) Next stop after Google, the wise the all-knowing dad. Okay, dad isn’t as wise as you thought he was when you were a kid but he still knows a thing or two. Pick your dad’s brain for practical home-care items to add to the wedding registry or what to stock the bar with at your wedding reception. Dad gets to share his knowledge and you get some much-needed advice.

Remember to play to your father’s strengths and get ready to enjoy all the wonderful memories you will continue to make together.

Special Dad-Daughter Wedding Moment

Super sweet daddy-daughter moment (Photo Credit: JPG Photography)

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