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Summer Wedding Trends to Inspire Your Special Day

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Are you planning on tying the knot between June and early September? If so, you’re in luck because there are plenty of trends and ideas for your summer wedding. This season, couples are embracing trends that align with their values, preferences, and ambitions to plan a unique celebration that is both traditional and modern. It may come as a surprise to you, but summer is when wedding season really pops off. As a result, choosing the ideal selections for your celebration can be extremely difficult. However, Springfield Country Club is at your service to guide you effortlessly through your summer wedding preparations. Now, let us explore the world of summer weddings, including everything from trendy decoration to plates of food and all the things between!

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Location & Venue Selection

One of the most crucial decisions a couple will make when planning their special day is choosing the right location. So, you’ll want to decide early on whether you prefer an inside or outside venue. Summer weddings are ideal for outdoor venues with stunning natural backdrops, such as vineyards, beaches, and gardens. Though there is always a potential for weather unpredictability, outdoor events are nonetheless desirable in general.

Indoor venues, like ballrooms and banquet halls, offer protection and amenities like air conditioning for guests. At Springfield Country Club, we have multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces which are stunning and able to accommodate all types of functions.

Trendy Decoration Ideas

Summer weddings often feature color schemes that capture the passion of summer love and embrace the season’s joyful essence. Bold and lively color palettes can help you embrace the summer’s vibrant hues in your design. Think about vibrant yellows, vivid coral pinks, deep aqua blues, and rich shades. These vivid shades can be used in stationery, signage, floral arrangements, table linens, and more to create a lively yet warm ambiance. However, the key to succeeding in this trend is balance, ensuring that the use of bright colors enhances rather than overwhelms.

After choosing your wedding color palette, use natural elements in your decor to bring the beauty of the outside in. To add rustic beauty to your decor, think about including wooden accessories like tree stump pedestals, wooden crates, or farmhouse tables. Furthermore, adding components like sand, seashells, and driftwood can create a beachy atmosphere ideal for a summer wedding by the water.

Take advantage of the wide range of seasonal flowers that are accessible in the summer. Add vibrant and fresh flowers to your bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements, like hydrangeas, zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias. Incorporate rich foliage, such as ferns, palm leaves, and eucalyptus, to give your decoration depth and texture.

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Attire Choices

To beat the summer heat, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics such as organza, chiffon, and linen. These are excellent choices for suits for groomsmen and wedding gowns, and they can help maintain comfort and coolness, even during the warmest summer days.

Also, think about dressing in styles appropriate for daytime ceremonies and evening parties. For brides seeking effortless movement and simplicity, shapes such as A-line or sheath gowns are perfect. Lightweight suits in neutral or pastel hues are a great choice for the groom and groomsmen to look put together yet comfortable.

Wearing comfortable footwear is often overlooked, but it is essential because you will also be on your feet most of the time. For outside weddings, women should think about wearing wedges or block heels to avoid sinking into the beach or grass. While men can choose breathable dress shoes or even chic loafers.

Menu & Refreshments

When it comes to the main course, serve foods that are both summery and flavorful. Envision barbecued meats and veggies, complemented by colorful salads and tasty accompaniments. Make sure to provide a variety of choices to cater to diverse dietary needs and limitations, guaranteeing every guest can savor a delicious dish.

In terms of drinks, the possibilities are limitless. With many different summer beverages to choose from, such as iced teas, fruit-infused waters, and seasonal fruit cocktails. You can even go a step further and create a signature cocktail or mocktail that reflects your personal taste and style as a couple. Consider including seasonal fruits and herbs as well, for an extra touch of freshness. Provide a variety of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate your guests’ tastes. While drinks not only refresh your guests, but they also can provide your wedding with a splash of color.

Lastly, having sweet treats like fresh fruit tarts, rich ice cream sundaes, or a lovely wedding cake decorated with in-season flowers are perfect ways to indulge your guests. For a fun and unique experience, think about setting up a dessert bar or ice cream station.

Party Favors & Finale

While you’re not required to give out wedding favors on your big day, it’s a sweet way to add a custom touch to the celebration. Some great party favors to give your guests are customized fans or colorful parasols to keep them cool and covered when outside. Or another cute and practical idea is mini sunscreens, which are especially helpful if they have forgotten to pack their own SPF. These can all be customized with the text of your choice by either adding your name, wedding date, or a touching saying.

Finally, to end the night, consider using sparklers or a firework show as this will provide a magical and loving ambiance, giving the newlyweds a memorable farewell.

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A Charming Summer Soiree

In conclusion, planning a summer wedding is certainly a fun and fulfilling endeavor. With so many different options, you can make a special day for you and your loved ones. All by considering the weather, choosing a great location, adding stylish decor, dressing appropriately, planning a delicious menu, and offering fun activities.

Springfield Country Club hopes that you’ll keep in mind to enjoy each step of the way and your big day!

Looking for the perfect venue to embrace your summer wedding? Contact us today for a tour of our venue or to get more information!

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